Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cataclysm in a nutshell - no spoilers

So, how's Cataclysm, you may be asking?

Well, in a nutshell, Cataclysm rocks. So far we have only tried a couple of quests in Abyssal Depths until we decided to move to Mount Hyjal and start from scratch there where we got halfway through level 81.

The quests are fun to play. Drop rates are decent and you don't have to kill a gazillion creatures to finish your quests. The quest rewards are quite decent and you'll replace your T10 in a snap.

Moving around the map is pretty straightforward. You are always sent on to the next quest hub once you reach the last couple of quests on the hub you're at the moment.

Phasing works well with NPC appearing and disappearing accordingly to what you are doing. And we haven't even got to the big phasing parts.

There are a few non-regular quests too which makes it more fun since it helps you getting away from the normal grinding routine.

All in all, so far, and speaking strictly on a 80+ experience, Cataclysm is great. Once all bugs are removed and everything gets fixed we'll have quite an impressive expansion.

Stay tuned!


  1. I am a WoW retiree and am considering coming back for Cataclysm. I'm not interested in either of the new classes and am only mildly interested in the old areas getting a makeover.

    I played since vanilla WoW and often found myself missing those days when things still presented a challenge. Does it feel anything like that or does it still very much cater to brand new players?

  2. I would say the later. A lot of people did the same as you and retired from WoW when WOTLK came out because of the exact same reason, which I totally understand.

    But, since I am a non-raider, I really don't feel the difference that much. Except, of course, on the fact that I can actually achieve much more things. Which is fun for a non-hardcore but not so much for the hardcore player.

    Nonetheless, if you have the opportunity, spend some money on a gamecard, install Cata for the 10 or so free-period that Blizz will most certainly offer and give it a try. You'll be blown away by the changes and the cool new quests.